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Questioning oneself.

2008-03-09 16:42:27 by Swordstick76

This "poem" is meant to be a discussion with myself. I put it on here because i am proud of it, and i am deciding whether or not i wish to put it on a scene in a future flash movie.

Man's Own Necessity
by Swordstick76

Who am I?
I am me.
That isn't much of a great description...
I know.
Who are you?
I am you.
Why am I?
Because I am.
Why do I hurt?
Because I can.
Why do I feel emotion?
Because emotion gives me life.
So I define myself through my emotion?
One is who one is...
Why am I depressed?
Because I am.
So I am depressed simply because I feel depressed?
Why do I live?
Because living is preferable to dying.
Then why do I exist?
Because I do.
Why am I here?
Because here is the best place to be.
I repeat, who am I?
I am what I wish to be.
I wish to be myself.
I am myself.
But how do I define myself? What do I show to others?
I show others what I wish for them to see.
Then what do I want them to see?
That is up to me.

Tsa un koku no tenshi no yo no ni, Shonen, yo shinwa ni nara!!!!

Questioning oneself.


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2008-03-09 19:53:44

What does "Tsa un koku no tenshi no yo no ni, Shonen, yo shinwa ni nara!!!!" mean?

Swordstick76 responds:

sigh... I knew somebody would ask that. It's japanese. It's the first two verses in the opening theme song of neon genesis evangelion. What does it mean?

Like an angel without a sense of mercy,
Rise a young boy to the heavens as a legend.

Inspiring no??


2008-03-12 15:38:39

Kind of an interesting poem. Doesn't really speak to me though.

Swordstick76 responds:

hum. Thank you for actually reviewing. I'magonna start posting my poetry on here anyway, and your comments will help improve it. EVERYBODY, REVIEW!

What could i do to make it speak to you? or to anybody?


2008-03-25 21:31:38

I liked it.

Swordstick76 responds:

thank you, good sir.