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I have something to show to all of you

2008-02-15 18:16:51 by Swordstick76

I have flash mx:
but i suck so i'm holding off on putting something into the portal.
If you want to find me, pm me or check out zombie rpg. I'm always on there, eventually.

I have something to show to all of you


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2008-02-15 22:01:58

dude your drawings look crazy all jokes aside

Swordstick76 responds:

eeeh? Really? Are you talking about my previous news posts, where i did manga, or my banner and shit?
Cause if it's my banner and shit, well, fuck you.
If it's my drawings, well, fuck you still. JK. erm, i guess that's because of my whole scanner issues, i don't have one and my drawings look bad because of that, you know how it is...
Well, yeah.


2008-02-19 18:37:21

lol i jsut saw your drawings lol they are bad but better than me

Swordstick76 responds:

What drawings?!!!!! AAAAAAH!! (head explodes)


2008-02-21 21:28:12

basic shapes for art just doesnt do it