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Obama Vs Clinton

2008-04-29 20:50:38 by Swordstick76

This was an article that you can find in the magazine The Week

Politics: What is an 'elitist'?

Forget "being called a criminal, a philanderer, or a terrorist sympathizer," said Paul Farhi in The Washington Post. These days, the most incendiary accusation in American politics is the term "elitist." Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has been trying to fight off that label since the golden-tongued orator was caught at a closed-door fund-raiser explaining how "bitter" small-town voters "cling" to guns and religion out of misplaced economic frustration. Conservative pundits immediately assailed him with the E-word, said The Economist in an editorial, which is rich considering that Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, et al., have made millions by stoking and exploiting the common man's resentment of "the elites." The last time we checked, America was a meritocracy. Aren't we supposed to admire the elite and aspire to join them through study, skill, and hard work?

Money and success have nothing to do with it, said Dean Barnett in The Weekly Standard. The "elitism" Americans object to might more accurately be termed "elitist condescension." This "smug superiority" is found everywhere on the left, and it's an attitude Democratic candidates can't seem to shake-or disguise. Like the sighing Al Gore and the droning John Kerry before him, Obama acts like a man duty-bound to come to the rescue of a nation whose "citizens are too stupid to look out for themselves." Give Obama credit for knowing his audience, said Debra Saunders in the San Francisco Chronicle. While speaking to a roomful of Democratic fat cats here in San Francisco, Obama brilliantly expressed the howl of anguish at the core of liberal philosophy: "Oh why, oh why isn't the rest of America as enlightened as we are?"

Obama's remarks may have been "ill-chosen," said Meghan Daum in the Los Angeles Times, but he's vulnerable to the "elitism" charge only because he's usually so eloquent. "Elitist," these days, seems to have become a disparaging synonym for nuanced and intelligent-for anyone, in fact, who doesn't reduce the world to moronic, us/them simplicity. The country's real elite are rich and conservative, said Thomas Frank in The Wall Street Journal, and the growing aversion to thoughtful analysis suits this new ruling class just fine. Over the last decade, phony common men such as George Bush and Dick Cheney have turned this country from a "middle-class republic" to a "plutocracy," while pretending to be "jes' folks." If you hear the term "elitist," you can be sure the person hurling it is a phony, while the target is simply someone who believes this should be a fairer society.


i specifically made this post because I believe that this fact needs to be talked about. So let's talk politics, you and I. Is Obama an elitist? i say yes. what about you?


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2008-04-29 21:38:16

I hate politics.

Swordstick76 responds:

sucks for you... Cause Politics is what makes sure your life is good, ngfan.



2008-04-30 04:07:38

I don't think he's any more elitist than Hillary, and certainly nowhere near as arrogant as the party of Bush and McCain. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but when I look at two failing wars, a recession, record high oil and a damaged dollar, and skyrocketing anti-American sentiment across the world, I am certainly bitter.

And when I look around me, do I see bitter people clinging to guns and religion? Yes I do. Hell, you can't get into an argument about gay rights or abortion without some moron referencing Leviticus on why they should be taken away. Can't mention immigration without being reminded of guys wandering the border with shotguns and hunting rifles to defend their country from the hoards of Mexican monsters trying to conquer the country with their amazing ability to work below minimum wage.

The only reason the media slapped "elitist" on Obama is because they heard something they didn't want to hear---something with a bite of truth that wasn't commonly talked about and brought up one of the great taboos of campaigning: mentioning that the American people are, in fact, not perfect. Easier to criticize someone and label him arrogant than to question decades of being told that we are the greatest in the world.

And considering their extremely similar stances, if Obama is elitist, than Hillary is certainly elitist as well. But when compared to McCain, what's more elitist---claiming that the government should take care of the people's needs, or claiming that anyone not currently succeeding has no one to blame but themselves? McCain's ideal of the meritocracy assumes that the system is perfect. And as both Obama and Hillary understand...dear God, it's not.