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Sword's List of Esurance porn!!!!

2008-04-19 23:28:48 by Swordstick76

For those who don't know, I have an esurance fetish. So from now on, I will hereby catolouge any websites that are given to me with esurance porn. No, I do not go looking around for esurance hentai. Too lazy for that... But occasionally since i have come out of the closet, people have given me sites full of the amazing shit that is esurance hentai. So, like a loyal dog, I will list them here, so I have a set of sites to fap to later *wink*

So far:
NSFW, but hot as hell!! - Thanks goes out to Electric-bla
(Insert cum here) - The-Great-one = GOD!

Edit -- --
Thanks to my cousin, I have discovered the wonder that is xfire. If anybody I know or even give a shit about uses this beautiful software, please, comment with necessary information so that we can share the wonder together... I really need to check out america's army.

Edit 2-- --
Another edit! this time i bring you a funny vid, but one that has no esurance. I DEMAND ESURANCE PORN!

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2008-04-20 10:51:46


Glad to be on your list.

Swordstick76 responds:

: D


2008-04-22 02:27:08

the-shit-one is fuckin anti-semic >:(

Swordstick76 responds:

hum... we shall see. GREAT-ONE! I summon thee!


2008-04-22 17:24:59

Suddenly the great one doesn't seem all that great... I'm jewish... Are you really anti-semetic?


2008-04-23 02:14:25

yes he does >:( and you should be online when i did pasch thread