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Guess Who I Like! Ha! You're Wrong >:)

2008-03-28 20:17:14 by Swordstick76


Why wonder whether or not I like ya? Of course I like ya! Oh wait, I don't like many people at all. In fact, I'd rather tell ya who I hate. But, I did promise, so Y'know what? I'll tell ya both!

Numbers 1 2 and 3 are the top. The rest are the rest, which are equal.

Who Do I like???
#1: Slashfirestorm. This guy writes pokemon shit that is like crack. It'll send you on a memorable trip. and it's just as addictive too.
#2: Shalashaska-1. He writes nearly as well as Slash does, about a similarly as pleasing topic as slash -- zombies. How qauint.
#3: Peregrinus. Really great guy. It's just too bad that the navy didn't pan out and it died, it's really too bad.
Special Category: The-Great-One. I officially love this guy. Like ugly man love. That much.
The rest of my friends:
JarrodK. Awesomesauce artist. This guy is a whiz with photoshop. Way better than me, and i'm proud to admit that. Navy. :(
Rob. I want to make ugly man love to him, for he is teh gratezt!
Chickidydow. Your name is so fun to say :) and you're an amazing writer as well!
JakFro5t. This guy welcomed me into the Survival RPG, and I appreciate the kindness from him ever since.
Misumena. Probably the only regular on Survival RPG who regularly visits the forum. :) JK, i love all of you guys, frequent or not. It's just i have no life... :)
Slapdamonkeyaz. My great benefactor. Seriously. He rocks fo shizzle'didizzle. GO SLAPS!!!!
Karlu20. Porn with a plot baby!
CTM222. Interestingly enough, we share many things in common. C'mon my adventuring questing relationshiping brother!
Sweet-tooth-pico-fan. Nother brother from the same mother. The mother that is the relationship crew.
Vincoid. I respect him more than i like him. he's an ok guy, but good to go for advice to. (Wonder what crew i met him in???)

Alright, that's all the nice peoples fo now.

Vndgl. He's kindasorta interesting.
Tom Fulp. I don't know him personally (obviously) but since he did set up newgrounds, he's pretty cool.
zone12. He's not very smart, but his heart's in the right place.
Blue-Dragon. Don't know him all that well.
Pelemus-McSoy. His names pele! like the soccer player!!! :) yeah, go watch his flash, teh CC shorts. fucking hilarious, man. hilarious.

ok. I hate:
#1: lilcheeselad. He writes as badly as chaz, kerma, and aithiestdude put together, and writes as much in 4 posts. Oh, and did i mention he kills off his character? YOUR STUFF IS CRAP.

Kerma. OMG you're a fuckhole. Way to screw up the story!!
Timex247. Another fuckhole who screws up the story, and can't write properly.
Black-Lightning. STOP DOING DRUGS YOU DOOSHBAG!!! And you are really, really, screwed up, man.


Guess Who I Like! Ha! You're Wrong >:)


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2008-03-28 21:30:22

I didn't land anywhere?

Swordstick76 responds:

woops. I forgot you. Hold on --


2008-03-30 14:01:11


Swordstick76 responds:



2008-03-30 21:25:59

Would I fall somewhere on this list because you added my animation to your list of favourites?

Whether you do or don't, I thank you very much for the fav!


Swordstick76 responds:

I will add you simply because you wondered this. I apologize, but you'd end up being a nuetral -- maybe a nuetral + to show what side of the nuetral you're on, but you're nuetral. ADDING, ADDING, 1 2 3!


2008-03-31 21:27:00

Thanks for that and for advertising me Flash! It's appreciated!

And Neutral is better than Hated! So I accept!

Swordstick76 responds:

I Lol'ed when i read what you said.
Glad you accept :)


2008-04-01 19:17:24

Oh, I made someones list? How interesting....

Well now I feel obligued to make a list of people I like/dislike.

maybe when I have time lol.

Swordstick76 responds:

Go do that. I'm #1 on your list, right? ;)


2008-04-02 18:07:16

YAAYA, I made the like list, but I'm just a little bit curious about one thing though. . .
How do my writing skills measure up to Slashfirestorm and Shalask? Just curious is all, don't even feel obliged to answer if it makes you uncomfortable.

Swordstick76 responds:

haha, You're just about up there with 'em. So am I, I'd say, (although I am trying to be humble, in reality i feel this way) Slashfirestorm outstrips pretty much everybody. Sorry, but that's how it is. Read Sinners, and you'll understand (And most likely fap too). Then there's shalak, who's decent enough, to say, become a writer, although he probably doesn't have the time or effort to do something big. Then there's you and I. I don't know how old you're, but i'm only 13, and my life is rather boring (probably why I rp), so I have time to work on my writing skills. I feel like your writing is probably a bit better than mine, (like a monkey's writing would be to a gorrillas) so I put you up there after shalak. But, there is a semi-large gap between him and slash-firestorm, and him and you. I feel like the gap between us is smaller, because when I want to preform well, I feel like my writing is about around where yours is, but there's always the issue of time and energy.

Wheeh, lecture over.

hope I answered some of your questions :D (although i feel like I didn't)


2008-04-02 21:24:36

Not at all, you answered them quite well, and when I get the chance I shall have to read this Sinners of which you speak and I'll probably come to the same conclusion. You and I, I would agree, are pretty equal when it comes to rping, but I don't know about in general writing, what with the time and effort to put in and nobody else to consider but you. Anyhow I suppose you wouldn't know a lot about me, so maybe I should fix that.

I am nearly 16, and can't wait to get my temps. My life isn't really boring like you claim yours to be, I just got back from Mexico last week, Spring Break YA! I will say one thing about Cancun, and that is the streets are paved with sunshine, sexy bitches and bars, including the full access mini-bar in the room which I enjoyed morning, noon, and night. My real name, is that of my characters, and what little you know about him is also true for me. I have ambitions to write professionally but I think realistically, and my realistic side tells me lawyer, so lawyer I shall be (unless something happens to change that). Hunting, and outdoor sportsmanship in general is huge in my life, the thrill of the hunt is unlike anything else in life, the adrenaline, the rush, its all very . . . exciting. My favorite writer would probably be Stephen King, and if you want to know why, read "The Stand" and you'll know freaking why. Anyhow, thats all I really feel like writing so I hope we all learned a little something about me, and I will read sinners when I get the chance.

(Updated ) Swordstick76 responds:

What are temps?

Uuh, I'm 13, my name is "biblical", I'll say that... Think like old Judea old testament stuff. My life is boring, I go to school where I am... ahead. I'm on the fast track in life, keeping up with the genuises of my school, trying to stay at their pace so I can succeed in life. I immensly regret that, but see the need for it, because I wish i could slow life down, and, say, not care that my homework isn't done on time. I go to school, where I am riduculed by my so called "friends" go home, and write about distant places and dreams that i wish i could be in. Then, (of course) I do my homework, and prepare to do it all again. Do I hate my life? Perhaps, I really don't know. I do know that i loathe school because it is a box made for people who like to live in boxes to live in. I hate boxes. Their confining, and so is all the beauracracy at my school.

I live in a world where i don't really live. That's why i am such a large participant in rps, rpgs, mmos, and all sorts of games. Because some magical fantasy land is much better than the life i live.

Kinda depressing, I know.

Oh yeah, I'll probably end up as a lawyer too. Funny. #1 hobby is sailing, and favorite writer is either robert jordan or Tamora peirce.

and I do DDR every day at 5:30. I'm an addict ;)


2008-04-06 23:48:57

douche bag, not dooshbag. And Black-Lightning deserves neutral.

(Updated ) Swordstick76 responds:

purposely misspelled.

Not gonna give him nuetral or positive until he stops doing drugs. permanantly.


2008-04-07 23:14:40

You WILL tell me of this Sinners, if there is such better than Chickidy, I must read it.

Swordstick76 responds:

sure, good sur. check for parents or others, (NSFW) take out your dick and start fapping!!!


Now that's some good quality shit.


2008-04-10 19:39:37

Truth was here

Swordstick76 responds:

Sweet, truth! welcome to the party!


2008-04-12 23:35:02

you like tamora pierce???
shes 1 of my favorite authors
...and well... sinners goes without saying... especially since im into domination/ submission and anal
i refuse to read past around where i stopped (19th chapter or so specifically when he stopped posting it i think) because theres too much foreshadowing of depressing stuff
and i read for escapism
so anything i read must have a happily ever after attached

Swordstick76 responds:

Uhuh. You limit yourself of a lot of good books that way, you know. And I'll add you to good because you write porn with a plot.

Tamora Pierce is f'n awesome. My fav is trickster's queen for sho, and then narrowly second is Terrier. What about you? i loved the way she put in the spy plot... So good!


2008-04-13 20:31:32

i havent read all her books, ive read circle of magic - and the other quartets/ stand alones from that series
ive read the lioness quartet and the umm wild magic quartet but barnes n nobles doesnt have the next books so meh

Swordstick76 responds:

meh ...



2008-04-15 17:26:01

Long blog, I see you're trying to improve your writing skills!

Swordstick76 responds:

Hello Nikenick!


2008-05-03 07:53:56

Thanks man, I appreciate it ;)